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School of Languages, Faculty of Humanities, North-West University, Pothefstroom, South Africa


Van Schalkwyk, P., 2022, ‘Continuity and new directions’, Literator 43(1), a1960. https://doi.org/10.4102/lit.v43i1.1960


Continuity and new directions

Phil van Schalkwyk

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The research articles published in Literator in 2022 reflect not only the established focus and scope of this journal but also new directions that have emerged in the past few years.

There is an increase in linguistics contributions. In this regard Literator has become a space of lively scholarly engagement on South African languages, spanning a range of topics from language politics to the challenges of the classroom.

The longstanding focus on comparative literary studies and theoretical exposition in the context of South African and international literary traditions, has shifted to include, increasingly, also the greater African continent both in terms of article topics and contributors. Pertinent issues pertaining to society, culture, gender, the media, history, the environment, et Cetera – in relation to language and literature – have received attention.

Although most research articles published in Literator are in English, its established multilingual nature is reflected by submissions also in Afrikaans, Dutch and French.

Literator is a SciELO SA and SCOPUS accredited journal, which through its online means of publication and open access policy, affords its authors a wide international exposure.

While this year’s article yield is, as always, quite diverse as far as subdisciplines and research topics are concerned, our contributors have experienced the unifying forces of the context in which we produced our research: in 2022 we emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic, transformed by the experience, but filled with new hope and determination to play a meaningful role as academics in Africa and the world.

A warm word of gratitude is expressed to our editorial team, notably the section editors and the reviewers, whose specialised knowledge and dedication contributed towards the maintenance of high scholarly standards.

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