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Patricia G. Maritz1

1Department of Philosophy, University of Zululand, South Africa

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Private Bag X1001, KwaDlangezwa 3886, South Africa

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Women of the year: On bubbles, babies and baskets
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Down-bent astride the rowdy rapids - slim and strong,
braids skimming the water –
the hazel-skinned laundresses

Robes of cyan, saffron, vermillion…
reflect through the shirred wimple
of a capering current,
billowing through white suds and
fast fingers

Stain-blended bubbles
frisk on the water,
down-blown… adrift,
cyclamen, citron and indigo
streaked mud marbles the river banks
Garments rinsed, wrung and dried -
are lifted to the wind,
folded into baskets -
raised to crowns …

Maiden, sister, mother…
bare breasted with robes waist-ward
sliding, as infants raveningly
clutch at a nipple to mouth

High up a hill…
they wind their way along the footpath,
figures diminishing as it curves,
until only a basket above
the summit bobs

FIGURE 1: This photo is used with the permission of the author and photographer, Patricia G. Maritz

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